Tik Tok Addiction

Tik Tok Addiction

This letter is to draw everyone’s attention on a serious issue of today’s generation, and that is addiction to ‘TikTok’. ‘TikTok’ app is a video-sharing platform, might be the world’s fastest-growing social media app.

Nowadays people are using this app all around the world, mostly teenagers are getting much influenced and attracted towards this ‘TikTok’.

Our youngsters feel fun in uploading and sharing their ‘TikTok’ videos and people who are watching these videos are sharing them in large number as a result more youngsters are getting attracted towards this ‘TikTok’ platform.

Teenage is a very sensitive stage of our life it is a stage where one gets easily influenced and attracted towards wrong way. Like I’ve also seen some TikTok videos in which boys doing make up and turning themselves into girls and acting like them too. Is it good for our youth?

Our teenagers should not waste their precious time, energy and money in making such videos which will not bring any happiness or change in their life but will only destroy them internally.

They should focus on their studies, make themselves skillful and they should consume their precious time, energy and money in their career building.

I suggest that government should ban this app in Pakistan so that atleast we can save youth of our country from destroying themselves and it’s also important that parents and other elders guide our young ones that this is not a right thing to do and there are more side effects in doing such things and it will destroy your mental health.

Author: Maham Shah