Scary Moment Massive Black Bear Takes a Swipe at Female Jogger on Hiking Trail

Scary Moment Massive Black Bear Takes a Swipe at Female Jogger on Hiking Trail

THIS IS the scary moment a massive black bear swats a female jogger running along a popular hiking trail.

Dramatic footage shows the bear emerging from the bushes as the terrified woman freezes on the spot.

The beast appears curious at first then suddenly swipes her leg before she flees to safety.

Hiker, Sam Abdullah, who recorded the tense scene, told how he screamed at the bear to help her escape.

He said: “I started filming when a girl was running down and ended up in front of the bear.”

“We started yelling and coming closer to the bear to distract him,” Abdullah said.

Male bears weigh up to 280kg and the trail encounter comes days after another black bear mauled a mum to death while her nine-year-old son watched in horror from inside a holiday cabin in Canada.

Worried rangers have advised visitors to the popular Coquitlam Crunch in Canada to “be vigilant and take safety precautions”.

The British Columbia Conservation Service has temporarily shut down the trail as they attempt to trap the bear.

The conservation service urged the public to “be vigilant, take safety precautions” and “report any bear sightings in the area.”

It tweeted: “#BCCOS has closed the upper portion of the #Coquitlam Crunch trail after a runner was swatted on the leg by a black bear.”

The service’s officials receive more than 20,000 human-wildlife conflict calls each year, and its rangers are currently “busy with bear calls across the province”.

When ABC News shared footage of the scary encounter on Twitter one person replied: “Geez I would c*** my pants right there.”

Another said: “I’m glad she’s okay but she should have immediately walked away.

“Standing toe-to-toe with a bear is not recommended, and neither is running away.