Sindh Extends Covid-19 Lockdown

Sindh Extends Covid-19 Lockdown

The health and lives of the people were the first and foremost priority of the Sindh government, therefore, it was not ending the ongoing lockdown, said Sindh Information Minister Syed Nasir Hussain Shah on Thursday.

“Coronavirus is the reality and everyone of us should refrain from any activity that could spread it,” he stated, adding that with no vaccine yet available, staying at home and following precautionary measures was the only way to stay safe.

Shah said that the Sindh government was well aware of the difficulties faced by the business community and was trying to reinstate economic activities gradually with standard operating procedures.

Claiming that the Sindh government had been calling for a joint strategy to tackle the pandemic since the first Covid-19 case emerged in Pakistan, he said they knew the pandemic could only be eliminated by working together and taking the precautionary measures suggested by the World Health Organisation.

However, he lamented, the provincial government’s suggestions were not taken seriously, adding that the situation in the country could have been different had their opinion been valued.