Water is Precious ‘Save it for Next Generations’

Water is Precious ‘Save it for Next Generations’

Water has reached the alarming level in Pakistan. According to resources Pakistan could face mass draught by 2025. Justice Saqib Nisar took the notice and announced to resolve water crisis. For raising fund for the construction of Diamer Basha and Mohmand Dams, people can donate rupees 10 by sending SMS to 8000.

People are donating their salaries or heavy amount for the construction of dams children are giving their pocket money for this. People are happily donating money. Besides this some steps should be taken to actually save water by stop wasting it few steps must be adopted by people like:

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving

  • Take a shorter shower

  • Fix a dripping tap

  • Water your garden with a watering can

  • Head to car wash

These are some basic points  which should be known to everyone. Schools should teach them to their students or they should conduct programs in which they guide them, how to save water. We should distribute pamphlets, show  through programmes talk shows, Public Service messages, billboards etc. We should stand against this issue to resolve it because saving water is actually saving Pakistan.

Long Live Pakistan

Author: Yameen Zaidi