Pakistan PM gives Five-point Agenda to End Hunger in World

Pakistan PM gives Five-point Agenda to End Hunger in World

Prime Minister Imran Khan proposed on Wednesday a five-point agenda to end poverty and hunger in the world.

First, we need to invest in sustainable agriculture infrastructure to facilitate transport, production and distribution of agricultural inputs and food products,” he said, while addressing the Governing Council of International Fund for Agricultural Development in Italy.

The Pakistan premier said that governments need to more actively ensure adequate and fair pricing of agricultural and food products.

“We in Pakistan have suffered from market manipulations by monopolists and hoarders,” he said. “Farmers should not be left at the mercy of the corporations and at the same time international agricultural trade must be rationalized.”

PM Khan said “certain richer economies” distort global markets by providing agricultural subsidies and make it impossible for farmers to compete.

He said farmers must be given access to agricultural technologies to enhance food production.

“Ensuring internet and broadband access to rural areas will be vital for their integration to national and global supply chains,” the premier added.